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3 Countries Offering Best Citizenship by Investment Programs

The prosperity and growth of your life depend on your investment choices. Among all the major decisions you make, where to invest your hard-earned money is a significant one. The world is going through an economic recession but it affects developing nations more. It’s a crucial time globally and the best possible solution is CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT. Various Caribbean and European countries offer different immigration options for foreign investors. If you are a high net-worth individual, hold a clean criminal history, and have no health issues, you are eligible to apply for the passport of your desired destination. There’s no language proficiency test or interview to qualify for a second passport program.

Here’s the list of countries offering direct citizenship in 90-120 days through investment or donation route:

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

One of the most popular CBI Programs among foreign investors and for all the right reasons. You can either donate $100,000 or invest $220,000 and get a passport in 3 to 4 months. Dominica’s second citizenship scheme ranks no.1 in CBI Index for consecutive 6 years. There’s no better place to live other than Dominica after your retirement. This one-time investment will give you lifetime citizenship with various other benefits including visa-free access to 145+ countries and guaranteed ROIs.

St. Kitts & Nevis 2nd Passport

This is one of the reliable, oldest, and most economical citizenship by investment programs. You can make a donation to a national fund with $100,000 or invest in real estate with a minimum of $200,000. The investment amount is refundable and you will get your passport in a few months. The worth of this passport is so evident that it allows you visa-free access to 145+ countries. Recently it is added to the ETA list for Canada so now St. Kitts Passport Holders can travel to Canada without a visa.

Grenada Second Passport

Grenada Citizenship by Investment program is very popular among investors who want to live and work in the USA. Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a signed E2 Treaty with the USA which allows the applicants to live and work there. You can donate $150,000 or invest $220,000 to get Grenada Citizenship within a few months. The real estate investment will be refundable and you can get great taxation relief by being a global citizen. You can travel visa-free to 115+ countries.

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