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PakLaunch to host the “Paklaunch UnConference” on 25-26 January 2023

The Paklaunch UnConference 2023 will be hosted by Paklaunch and will take place from January 25 through January 27. Paklaunch is a specific group of talented investors and entrepreneurs from Pakistan. Nearly 50 of Pakistan’s best startups will attend the conference and take part in the activities. The biggest family offices and VCs with Pakistani roots will also meet the most active developing market tech investors.

Since there will be a lot of interaction and participation, the conference will be highly interesting. Due to the concentration of Pakistani tech startups at a single place, high quality engagements will be seen.

On Wednesday, January 25, there will be a welcoming statement, followed by a networking event and dinner. On the other hand, the 26th of January would have signups, keynote addresses, lunch, a Pakistan VCs Panel, networking opportunities, an international VCs Panel, and two small room discussions. The SOSV investors Brunch and DIFC Innovation Hub Panel are two partner events that will take place on the final day.


From its beginnings with just seven members, Paklaunch has expanded to a thriving global community of more than 300,000 eminent Pakistanis. The widely known WhatsApp group was founded on April 29, 2020, in Silicon Valley by Aly Fahd to explore investment opportunities in Pakistani startups and mentor Pakistani founders.

They have organised more than 300 events over the past 30 months, given a tonne of training sessions, helped more than 80 firms raise more than $80 million, and sponsored three sizable tech conferences.

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