Thursday, June 1, 2023

Parents Can Now Use App To Book School Rides For Children in Dubai

Careem, in partnership with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA), has launched a new feature on its app called “School Rides.” It allows parents in Dubai to book rides for their children to and from school. This service offers various benefits such as

  • The option to book roundtrips.
  • Recurring rides
  • Customized packages for up to three months.

Safe and Secure School Ride!

With a focus on safety, Careem ensures that their Captains undergo thorough security checks. Moreover, they are trained to prioritize children’s well being during each trip.

Furthermore, parents can track their child’s journey in real-time through the app’s live tracking feature. It provides peace of mind that their children are safe.

Additionally, Careem offers premium car options like Lexus, Toyota, and Infiniti to ensure a comfortable and luxurious ride for children.

According to Antonio Alasmar, the General Manager of Careem in the GCC. “The new School Rides option aims to provide parents in Dubai with a convenience, safety, and affordable transportation solution for their children’s school commutes.”

The service is designed to simplify people’s lives and cater to their unique scheduling needs. It includes work schedules, holidays, and weekends. Careem allows customers to save upto 40% compared to regular bookings by offering fixed package fees that are not affected by demand fluctuations. Moreover, the carpool option enables up to four passengers traveling to the same destination to share a ride. But they must be within the same pickup vicinity.

The RTA, represented by Adel Mohammed Shakri, the Director of Planning and Business Development Department, aims to meet the needs of parents in Dubai by offering exceptional services and enhancing the integration of the RTA’s multi-modal transport system.

By providing several school transport solutions, the RTA further demonstrates its commitment to serving the community. To access the “School Rides” feature, users can download the latest version of the Careem app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or directly on Android devices. Once downloaded, they can select the “School Ride” car type to book a ride for their children.

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