Sunday, June 4, 2023

PIA Flight Hit by Bird after Take-Off from Karachi Airport

PIA flight narrowly avoided an accident when it was struck by a bird shortly after taking off from Karachi International Airport.

The incident occurred during a PIA flight from Karachi to Quetta, just five minutes after the aircraft’s departure. Fortunately, the pilot skillfully managed to land the plane safely back at Karachi airport, and no passengers or crew members were injured.

A spokesperson for PIA confirmed that the Airbus A-320 aircraft landed safely, and the engineering team is currently assessing its condition.

Earlier reports indicated that 57 PIA planes had been hit by birds between January and November 2022. The incidents were documented in a report issued by PIA, with 53 bird strikes reported from January to October, and an additional four incidents in November. Most of these incidents occurred at Lahore International Airport.

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