Monday, July 22, 2024

PIA Launches Ashura Special Flights to Najaf, Iraq for Pilgrims

PIA has started special flight services to Najaf, Iraq, for pilgrims visiting sacred sites. These flights, known as “Ashura Special Flights,” aim to help pilgrims during this important religious period.

The service began recently, with flights scheduled for July 7 and July 11. Return flights from Najaf to Pakistan are set to start on July 20, with additional flights on July 21 and July 25. This schedule is designed to accommodate the needs of pilgrims traveling to and from Najaf.

PIA officials have made sure that all necessary arrangements are in place to ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience for the pilgrims. They have coordinated with various departments to manage the logistics, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from check-in to arrival at the destination.

The introduction of these special flights highlights PIA’s commitment to serving its passengers’ needs, especially during significant religious events.

The airline has taken steps to provide a reliable and efficient service, making it easier for pilgrims to undertake their spiritual journey.

This initiative by PIA not only facilitates travel for pilgrims but also reflects the airline’s dedication to supporting important cultural and religious activities. By offering these special flights, PIA is helping to ensure that pilgrims can focus on their spiritual experience without worrying about travel logistics.

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