Monday, May 20, 2024

PIA Opens its First Ever Engineering Hangar at Islamabad International Facility

On May 1, 2018, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) inaugurated its first aircraft maintenance equipment hangar at the airport, almost four years after the inauguration of Islamabad International Airport (IIA) by then Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. Named after Noor Khan, Hangar is used for PIA aircraft maintenance.

According to a PIA spokesman, the planes would no longer need to be sent to Karachi Airport for maintenance.

On Sunday, Arshad Malik, Managing Director of PIA, opened the technical hangar.

The CEO said that PIA is expanding its presence considering the future needs of the IIA. And most of the PIA’s operations are shifting north due to passenger demand.

The planes had to fly to Karachi for maintenance, which was very expensive, as most of the flights were to the north.

He said that positioning costs are gradually reduced due to aircraft maintenance in Islamabad.

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