Sunday, July 14, 2024

PIA &Private Airlines Hikes Domestic Fares Massively, Return Ticket of Islamabad to Karachi Reached Rs.80,000

Domestic flight prices have been outrageously raised by both Pakistan International Airlines and independent airlines. Due to the impending Christmas, winter holidays, and New Year’s eve, the tickets have increased in price significantly. The enormous disparity between supply and demand, according to insiders, is the fundamental cause of the tickets’ escalating costs.

Additionally, there is a sharp rise in the cost of international airline tickets.
According to the sources, the cost of a PIA flight from Karachi to Islamabad has risen to Rs 36,000 for one-way tickets and to Rs 71,000 for round-trip tickets.
Similar to this, Air Blue’s one-way cost from Karachi to Islamabad has increased to Rs 35,000 now.

Serene Air has increased the cost of its one-way tickets from Karachi to Islamabad by 38,000 and 60,000 rupees, respectively.
One-way tickets on Air Sial cost Rs. 45,000 from Karachi to Islamabad, while return tickets now cost Rs. 80,000.

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