Friday, May 20, 2022

‘Playing with Match Fixers was the Lowest Point of my Career,’ Hafeez Slams Mohammad Amir after Retirement

After announcing the retirement from international cricket, former Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez disclosed the lowest period of his 18-year career.

The 41-year-old revealed the former PCB Chairman’s views when he stood against playing with spot fixers while speaking to press at PCB Headquarters in Lahore.

When Hafeez returned to the Pakistan cricket team in 2016 after completing his ban, he was one of the few people who denied playing against Mohammad Amir.

Hafeez stated that he will continue to oppose the fixers since they do not deserve a second opportunity.

“I used to be against fixers, and I still am. I never wanted to offer a second opportunity to fixers. The then-PCB chairman urged me to mind my own business and that those fixers would be given another shot regardless. When I heard it, I was devastated,” Hafeez remarked.

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