Sunday, May 19, 2024

Official Launch Ceremony of MG Motors attended by PM Imran

Earlier today, MG Pakistan’s official launch ceremony took place.

In Pakistan, the company received an especially warm welcome as Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the official launch ceremony. The launch was also attended by a few other important personalities such as the Minister of Industry and Development, Hammad Azhar, the Minister of State, Shehryar Afridi and the owner of the business, Javed Afridi himself.

The event included many side-parked MG cars including the HS, the ZS EV and a mid-sized SUV that appeared to be either the RX8 or the Gloster.

The event saw the aforementioned guests say a few words of encouragement about the entry of the automaker into the Pakistani market and express their faith in the company’s and the auto industry’s growth.

PM Imran Khan also briefly commented on the arrival of the Chinese-based British automaker in Pakistan and claimed that the economy of the country is finally on the road to prosperity. The Prime Minister also claimed that the Chinese development model best fits the needs of Pakistan.

“We can benefit from the speed at which China grew in the last 30 years,” Khan stated regarding the economic development of China.

He added that, similar to how China relocated industries to Vietnam, the government is looking at directing the relocation of Chinese industries to Pakistan. We have launched special economic zones for this purpose (SEZs). Next, we’re trying to persuade them to export them from Pakistan.

Imran Khan speaking at the event, stressed that Pakistan has a great potential for excellence and the government now aims to focus all its energies on bringing unparalleled success to each sector of Pakistan.

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