Sunday, May 19, 2024

Cambridge awarded the Most Dedicated Teacher of the world to Ahmed Saya

Ahmed Saya is a competent and devoted professor who teaches ‘Cordoba School’ accounts to A-Level students and teaches with total dedication. He is the winner of Cambridge University’s ‘Most Committed Teacher Award.’

He completed his school education at Jaffar Public School in Karachi and completed higher education at IoBM (Institute of Business Management). He registered himself for further studies at ‘Oxford Brookes University.’

He was nominated for the prestigious Cambridge University Award in the committed teacher category because of his dedication and hard work in his teaching. This nomination list was also comprised of six other teachers. These candidates were chosen by a board of senior and capable educationists.

For winner selection, an online poll was performed and understudies were requested to vote for the most committed instructor. Luckily, Saya won a reward for his hard work. He has received a tour to Cambridge UK on this accomplishment and will handle problems of ‘Continuing Professional Growth’ at the foundation.

They include Jimrey Dapin of the Philippines, Anthony of Sri Lanka, Abhinandan Bhattacharya of India, and Candice Green of Australia.

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