Monday, July 22, 2024

Yango kickstarts its operations in Faisalabad after Lahore and Islamabad

The international ride-hailing service Yango, has started its operations in Faisalabad. Operating globally in over 20 countries, including UAE, Norway, Finland, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco, and Algeria, Yango is making massive strides in its mission to introduce its safe, reliable, and affordable ride-hailing service to the vibrant and flourishing Pakistani economy by launching in Faisalabad after Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

Yango’s mobile application is accessible in Pakistan for all Android and iOS users who are in need of a car and bike ride to their desired destinations and they get to enjoy a user-friendly commute experience. The app accurately identifies the user’s location and promptly connects them with the closest available driver, resulting in reduced waiting periods, thanks to its geolocation technology.

Yango collaborates with local partners to offer its services through its app giving ownership to the partners and the drivers. It relies on its smart distribution features and significantly reasonable trip costs. The app allows for picking up rides quickly, maximising fuel efficiency, which ends up keeping both the customer and driver happy.

Yango is committed to ensuring ride safety by providing various features, such as route sharing, quick access to emergency contact numbers, and the ability to report reckless driving. The ride stands apart from other services by allowing users to make multiple stops during the ride and make multiple bookings from the same cellular device.

Yango remains committed to its vision of prioritising safe and budget-friendly rides for passengers from all walks of life and creating opportunities for lucrative earnings for the drivers. The service aims to deliver greater benefits to partners, drivers, users, and society as a whole by taking significant steps to ensure affordability, reliability, and safety!

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