Wednesday, October 4, 2023

K-Electric Scales its Digital Access for Enhanced Customer Experience

In its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services, K-Electric (KE), Pakistan’s leading integrated power utility provider, has embarked on a journey of digital transformation to elevate customer experiences, particularly in Karachi, the financial and industrial hub of the nation. Recognizing the pivotal role of digital innovation in meeting evolving market dynamics and customer preferences, KE has embraced a customer-centric approach to reshape its service landscape.

An in-depth analysis of KE’s customer interactions unveiled a significant trend – approximately 15% of customers were making repetitive visits to physical service centers for routine tasks like obtaining copies of electricity bills and tax certificates. This surge in foot traffic often led to prolonged wait times, particularly during bill due dates, dampening the overall customer experience. To address this challenge and uphold its reputation as a leading service provider, KE envisioned scaling accessibility to support teams and services while minimizing physical interaction.

To realize this vision, KE sought a solution that aligned with its digitalization goals, including augmenting digital touchpoint adoption, diverting interactions from physical channels to digital platforms, bolstering 24/7 query resolution capabilities, reducing customer commute costs, and streamlining service delivery. Enter Infobip, a strategic partner with a track record of deploying efficient customer touchpoints.

Leveraging Karachi’s 53% digital penetration rate, and capitalizing on WhatsApp’s widespread popularity, KE and Infobip collaborated to create a scalable and customizable self-service chatbot. This chatbot, deployed on the WhatsApp Business Platform, revolutionized customer connections by allowing users to seamlessly engage with KE’s services using a familiar and widely used platform. By integrating the chatbot with Infobip’s Answers chatbot building platform, KE succeeded in resolving 90% of the most common customer queries through an intuitive menu system, enhancing the user experience.

One key element that propelled the project’s success was KE’s 10,000-strong employee base, who served as both participants and advocates for the new initiative. This unique internal testing ground facilitated the fine-tuning of the chatbot’s functionalities, ensuring it addressed essential customer needs effectively.

To drive the transition to digital interactions, KE launched comprehensive digital marketing campaigns across various communication touchpoints, including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as SMS, email, point-of-sale locations, and employee referral programs. The campaigns promoted easy adoption through single-click access or QR code scans, further increasing user engagement.

Read the full case study on:’s transformative journey, powered by Infobip’s cutting-edge technology and the commitment of its employees, has set a precedent in Pakistan’s utility sector. By embracing digitalization, KE has not only improved its customer experience but also paved the way for a more efficient and accessible future in the realm of utility services.

As KE leads the charge in this digital revolution, it continues to redefine the boundaries of customer service excellence in the dynamic landscape of Pakistan’s industrial heartland.

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