Sunday, April 21, 2024

Price Of Sugar Increased Further Across Country

The price of sugar has increased further across the country, the price of 100 kg of sugar in Multan has increased to Rs 16,000.

Last week, the price of 100 kg of sugar was Rs 15,400. In Multan, sugar is being sold for Rs 175 per kg at the retail level.

In the Karachi wholesale market, the price of sugar per kg has increased to Rs 153, while at the retail level, sugar is being sold at Rs 160 per kg.

During a week in Karachi, wholesale sugar has become expensive by Rs. 4, the price of a 50 kg bag of sugar in the wholesale market has increased to Rs. 7,350.

On the other hand, due to importation of sugar in the country, there is a fear of increasing the price of sugar. According to sources, the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has written a letter to the Pakistani commercial attaché in Brazil to import 100,000 metric tons of sugar.

According to the sources of the food department, imported sugar is being ordered in Pakistan at the rate of Rs 220 per kg. The food department currently has a carry-forward of 10 lakh tons of surplus sugar. The food department will have to use the reserves of surplus sugar.

The sources of the food department said that by eliminating the reserves of surplus sugar, imported sugar will come into the market due to which citizens will be forced to buy sugar at the government rate of Rs. 100 per kg at Rs. 220 per kg. But 120 rupees more will have to be paid.

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