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Proton Saga – A Vehicle with 22 Awards and 37 Years Legacy

Proton Saga, A proven Malaysian car now available in Pakistan has been the pride of Proton Pakistan since its initial entry. Proton Saga is a car that has been tested over time and has remained undefeated winning more than 22 awards globally since it was first released in Malaysia deeming it an intelligent and the right choice.

Proton Saga in its debut at the British International Motor Show won three Prestigious awards (two golds and one silver) for quality coachwork and ergonomics. Proton Saga then continued to win two additional gold awards at the British International Motor show for the second time. Proton Saga 1.5E Aeroback was then voted Best Value for Money Car by British Motoring Magazine “What Car?” in its initial years of entry.

During the years 2007 to 2014 Proton Saga won numerous awards globally Asian Auto-VCA Auto Industry Awards, NST/Maybank COTY Awards, Frost Sullivan, Asia Pacific 2009 Automotive Awards, Asian Auto AmBank Fuel Efficiency Awards 2011, Asian Auto’s Auto Industry Awards 2011, Asian Auto AmBank Fuel Efficiency Awards 2011, Car Assessment Programme, Autocar ASEAN 2021 & NST-Maybank, for categories such as Proton Saga being the best compact car, the most fuel efficient car, the best car for passengers, debut model of the car & car of the year.

Recently, Proton Saga has won awards at the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards, Malaysia Car of the Year, Allianz General Insurance, Cars of Malaysia Awards, & People’s Choice Awards, for being the most affordable value-for-money car and being the most compact car. 

Proton Saga is an offering that creates its own category in budget-friendly sedans due to its features and the legacy it carries, helping change lives of many people across the globe.

Book Your Proton Saga Now

Facing the constant increase of vehicle prices throughout the industry, Proton Pakistan still sustained the price tag and currently offering its customers a price they can afford. Using the latest technology in coordination with Proton Malaysia, Proton Pakistan has managed to keep the prices of the Proton Saga Automatic Variant under 3 million, which makes Proton Saga the most affordable sedan in Pakistan. You can book your now: Proton Saga Automatic

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