Wednesday, July 24, 2024

PTA Proposes Mandatory Local Registration for YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp in Pakistan

PTA has suggested a new rule that would require services like YouTube, Netflix, and WhatsApp to register locally in Pakistan. This new rule is part of a 14-page document available on the PTA website.

The proposed rule, known as a regulatory framework, would apply to all Over-The-Top (OTT) services. These are services that provide media content over the internet, like streaming and messaging apps. The framework suggests that these services should be closely monitored by various government ministries.

One important part of this proposal is that it requires all personal data to be stored only within Pakistan. This means that companies like YouTube, Netflix, and WhatsApp would need to keep data about Pakistani users inside the country.

PTA spokesperson Malahat Obaid said that this draft is open for public feedback until July 10. The public is encouraged to review the draft and provide their opinions and suggestions.

The PTA hopes to hear from a wide range of people and organizations before making a final decision on the new rules. This feedback process allows citizens and stakeholders to share their thoughts on how these regulations might impact them and the services they use.

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