Monday, July 15, 2024

#TaxKumKro, Large Number of Salaried Class Protest in Islamabad

Today in Islamabad, many salaried workers gathered to express their frustration about the government’s recent tax increase. The protest was popular on social media with the hashtag #TaxKumKro. People from different job sectors joined together to demand fair taxes.

The CEO of Nayatel also highlighted the need for similar protests in Karachi and Lahore. He believes that workers in these cities should also voice their concerns.

The protest was peaceful and aimed at convincing policymakers to rethink the current tax policies. The workers feel that they are being unfairly targeted and burdened by these taxes.

The protesters hope that the government will listen to their demands and provide some relief. They argue that the current tax system is making it difficult for them to manage their finances and support their families.

By coming together and protesting, they want to show the government how serious this issue is for the salaried class across the country.

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