Monday, March 4, 2024

PTA Restricts People To Pre-Order From Starlink, Says, “Need License To Operate In Pakistan”

In recent news, Starlink has not been regularized by the PTA, and people have been restricted from pre-ordering the Starlink. However, it is suggested that they do so once they have been granted permission to operate in Pakistan.

This is in accordance with the press release recently issued by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which informs the general public that satellite broadband provider, Starlink has neither applied for nor obtained any license from PTA to operate and provide internet services in Pakistan.

Therefore, general public is advised in their own interest that they must refrain for engaging in any pre-booking orders being placed on Starlink or any of its associated websites.

The directions came in the wake of reports that Starlink, through its website, is asking intended subscribers to pay a deposit of USD 99 (refundable) as pre-order for equipment/services.

PTA has already taken up the matter with Starlink to stop taking pre-order bookings from intended consumers with immediate effect as the Company has not been granted any license for provision of internet services in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the case is the same in India too. It has not been licensed yet, and Elon Musk has stopped taking pre-orders from the country due to government’s instructions.

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