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PTCL Internet – Packages, Device, Speed, and Other Details

PTCL is a well-known brand in Pakistan, and this is the first telecommunications provider to offer Broadband Internet Packages to the country’s residents. When compared to other internet service providers, PTCL has a larger market share. Which is the key cause for the 2 million broadband users who utilise PTCL internet connection, which includes typical people, students, and business users.

Since Etisalat gained the PTCL a few years ago, the company has made significant improvements to its services. SmartChoice has received a rating of 3/5 stars, and then this rating has been increasing. PTCL offered services such as EVO CharJi and CharJi LTE Tab, which provide consumers with high-speed internet connections of up to 100Mb.

According to PTA statistics released in 2018, PTCL is the largest broadband internet service provider in Pakistan, with approximately 2.4 million fixed local line subscribers out of 2.6 million, and approximately 105,000 annual wireless local loop subscribers.

In fact, the government of Pakistan owns a majority stake in PTCL (62 percent), with Etisalat owning 26 percent and the public owning 12% of the total shares of PTCL, according to the company’s annual report.

PTCL Services

ptcl services

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is the 57th largest telephone operating company in the world in terms of total revenue earned, with around $3.4 billion dollars in annual revenue.

PTCL provides its customers with lightning-fast data rates and an uninterrupted internet connection, with no restrictions on the number of downloads and uploads that can be done at the same time.

Besides DSL, EVO, and Charji devices with all purposes and needs, PTCL internet packages also provide cable modems. A variety of monthly PTCL internet packages are available , each of which has been specifically developed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

They offer a wide range of internet services, ranging from economy and budget packages to 100 Mbps unlimited internet packages.

With operations in over 200 cities across Pakistan, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi. Peshawar. Hyderabad. Quetta. Multan. Gujranwala. Sialkot. and Sheikhupura.

PTCL is the country’s largest ADSL2+ landline internet provider, with a network of more than a million subscribers. In Pakistan, Ptcl landline broadband services are available practically everywhere, even in remote areas.


PTCL offers the most reliable fixed-line phone service in all big cities around Pakistan.

High-speed broadband

Because PTCL is Pakistan’s largest ADSL2+ provider, it offers its clients access to high-speed Internet via ADSL. Because of increased demand, PTCL is now upgrading its clients to VDSL2 in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta, among other cities.

Smart TV

PTCL also provides digital television services, which are commonly referred to as Smart TV.


In October 2016, PTCL and Netflix signed a collaborative deal that will allow the company to provide its clients with high-quality streaming content that is free of advertisements.

Features of a Fiber Optics connection

GPON Fiber optic connectivity allows for ultra-fast and frizz internet service because of its high capacity. The connection speed ranges from 10 megabits per second to 100 megabits per second. Services for both VDSL and DSL are available.

Because of the high speed, customers may watch 4K video stream on Netflix or YouTube with no interruption. It can support high frame rate multiplayer games. Whether you’re playing on a PlayStation 4, a PC, or a mobile device, the games will operate smoothly with your friends and family.

PTCL Internet Packages

Users of PTCL can take advantage of the offers listed above by dialling 1218 or visiting PTCL Shops or PTCL Customer Care Centers.

PTCL offers high-speed internet access with limitless downloads to meet your browsing requirements. You can play video games indefinitely, view your favourite Netflix films, and engage in online learning sessions. Right now, take advantage of the PTCL bundles with DSL and GPON services listed below.

Following are the ptcl fiber internet packages/ptcl landline internet packages:

Up to 6 Mbps Rs.1,799/m Unlimited
Up to 8 Mbps Rs.2,249/m Unlimited
Up to 15 Mbps Rs.2,749/m Unlimited
Up to 25 Mbps Rs.3,299/m Unlimited
Up to 50 Mbps Rs.5,099/m Unlimited
Up to 100 Mbps Rs.7,599/m Unlimited

PTCL Internet Devices

ptcl internet devices packages

In Pakistan, PTCL also offers wireless internet access. In Pakistan, two devices are used: “Nitro Evo” and “Evo Charji.” This wireless network employs PTCL’s 1900 MHz WLL frequency, which was previously used for the company’s Vfone network.

Ufone is a subsidiary of PTCL. It is Pakistan’s fourth and smallest cellular provider. It provides both GSM and 3G internet access. In September 2014, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) launched an exceptional Wi-Fi service called ‘Managed Wi-Fi.’

20GB Rs.1000 1 Month
30GB Rs.1250 1 Month
50GB Rs.1500 1 Month
Unlimited* Rs.1999 1 Month

PTCL Smart TV Packages

PTCL Smart TV is Pakistan’s first digital television service, providing over 120 live tv channels, including over 12000 hours of entertainment material. It is the country’s first digital television service. The program is currently accessible in some over 150 places across the nation.

PTCL also offers a video on rent service, which you can inquire about. You can either watch a movie for Rs.25, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.300 or subscription to movie bundles for Rs.100 to Rs.239 every month, depending on your preference.

Wrapping Up

Services provided by PTCL are available throughout Pakistan (over 2000 cities). The ptcl internet bill or the cost of a broadband data rate is reasonable.

ptcl wireless internet connection

You can enjoy the best possible experience whether streaming or downloading movies using High ptcl internet speed. Customers of PTCL’s broadband service have access to free movies. The company will provide with a Wi-Fi modem for connection new customers.

They provide access to the PTCL Smart TV Application for free.Calls to and from the Internet are completely free (Same network)

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