Friday, March 1, 2024

PTCL Introduces 24×7 WhatsApp Service for its Users

In order to better connect with clients and provide them with a convenient and customer-friendly communication platform, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has set up its official presence on WhatsApp.

Customers must first save the PTCL WhatsApp number, which is 033 1218 1218, to start using PTCL WhatsApp, and then send a message to this number to get the required service. A fast, easy, and reliable communication tool, PTCL WhatsApp will provide quick answers to frequently asked questions from customers and introduce customers to various options such as registering complaints, ordering new products or services, etc.

In addition, customers can get information, along with getting their bill details and much more, about all kinds of packages and promotions. This service will provide clients with round-the-clock facilitation and will help bridge the communication gap.

Customers will have a more streamlined experience as this service will provide immediate answers to their queries, and without the need to call the PTCL helpline, they can engage themselves at their own convenience.

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