Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Payoneer Collaborates With Enablers Boosting Entrepreneurship In Pakistan

Enablers & Payoneer have taken the positive initiative of collaborating with each other to boost the entrepreneurial eco-system of Pakistan.

Payoneer is a global cross-border payment platform for business payments. Payoneer’s digital platform streamlines global commerce for millions of small businesses, marketplaces and enterprises from 200 countries and territories. Leveraging its robust technology, compliance, operations and banking infrastructure, Payoneer delivers a suite of services that notably includes cross-border payments. Payoneer makes global commerce easy and secure.

The goal of the collaboration is to amplify opportunities for entrepreneurs in Pakistan by facilitating cross-border payments from international clients and with its robust marketplace partnerships, make it easy for freelancers and ecommerce sellers to receive their payments in Pakistan as easily as local payments.

As cross-border payments remain a pain point with the freelancers of Pakistan, Payoneer & Enablers collaboration will be a game-changer removing this major roadblock.  

Enablers being an eCommerce leading organization that helps people establish businesses on Amazon, realized the dire need of eradicating the menace of international payment transfer issues.

With Enablers collaborating with Payoneer, both sides will come up with strategies that would provide ease of use, convenient transfer options, and facilitation to the end customer. Mohsin Muzaffer, Country Manager, Pakistan spoke with our sources regarding the collaboration and shared a summary of the collaboration and how Payoneer envisages it to go forward.

“It’s pleasing to know companies in Pakistan are taking such big initiatives. We’re thankful to Enablers for facilitating cross border eCommerce from Pakistan, and it’s delightful to know that they’re doing a lot to boost entrepreneurship in the country. Payoneer will work closely with Enablers to further strengthen the digital ecosystem in Pakistan. We’re working on different strategies that would increase ease of use and help our customers go beyond” Mohsin Muzaffer added.

Affaf Noor, Payoneer’s Partnerships Manager also shared the same sentiments and added, “ We are excited to join hands with Enablers and we are hopeful that this collaboration will improve the cross-border payments experience for sellers and freelancers. We are confident that under the Enablers umbrella, we will be able to unlock their true growth potential. We look forward to working closely with them to help develop the digital ecosystem.”

With Enablers continuously working to boost eCommerce in the country, the collaboration is a big leap forward in realising its mission of creating 2 million employment opportunities. While talking to CEO Enablers, Saqib Azhar, sources got some visionary insights regarding this step.

“We’re consistently working on ideas to facilitate our people in becoming a hub of eCommerce and freelancing. Working with Payoneer will surely give us a foundation for minimizing international payment transfer issues. And just like Mr. Muzaffer stated, we’re brainstorming ideas to facilitate our eCommerce enthusiasts in every possible manner and looking for a brighter future,” he spoke.

COO Enablers, Faisal Azhar added, “It’s a step to a digital Pakistan where our country will be recognized as one of the biggest eCommerce markets in the world.”

Syed Ali Abbas
Syed Ali Abbas
General Manager at Startup Pakistan

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