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Punjab will supply KP with 100,000 metric tonnes of wheat

Punjab will supply Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) with 100,000 metric tonnes of wheat to cover its food needs.

This year, the Punjab Food Department purchased 100,000 metric tonnes of grain for KP, which had previously been purchased by private contractors on behalf of the KP province from various parts of Punjab. Their presence in the market, on the other hand, used to drive up prices.

‚ÄúThis year, we had a G2G agreement with KP, which is why we procured more wheat than the target established for the year. Director Food Punjab Danish Afzaal said, “The department has written the KP government to lift the committed 100,000 metric tonnes from the provincial food department.”

Until last year, he added, KP contractors used to acquire wheat from Sargodha division and other places. If Punjab’s contractors are prohibited from acquiring grains from Punjab, Punjab has promised to provide flour to KP in accordance with its needs.

He stated that because of these private contractors, Punjab used to only fulfil 70% of its wheat buying objective from the Sargodha division, but that excluding them from procurement this year resulted in the procurement target being exceeded by 10%.

KP requires 1.2 million tonnes of wheat every year, of which they produce little more than 100,000 metric tonnes, with the remaining 100,000 metric tonnes purchased from Punjab and the Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO) and other federal agencies, he continued.

This year, KP will lift 500,000 metric tonnes from PASSCO, with another 500,000 metric tonnes coming from Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP).

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