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Qatar Airport Duty Free Now Accepting Indian Rupees, Pakistani Currency Awaits Exchange Solutions

A well-known Indian musician named Mika Singh, who is now in Doha, tweeted that purchases can now be made using Indian rupees in all financial transactions.

In a video posted to social media from the Doha airport, the musician expressed his delight that Indian rupees are now recognized around the world. He praised the Prime Minister for enabling this improvement of Indian money on the international scene and said that being able to pay for things with Indian rupees made his day.

The singer reportedly went shopping at a Louis Vuitton outlet in Qatar, according to sources. A well-known luxury company, Louis Vuitton is well-known for creating designer handbags, women’s accessories, and shoes. The company is a global leader in its sector despite having a minimal presence in India and having a rich clientele as the majority of its customers.

Another user said, “Indian currency getting stronger.”

“Power of new India,” another user tweeted.

Emojis were widely used by other users to express their joy at this information.

Users also questioned the singer about the maximum amount of cash that can be brought with them on international flights.

“A lawyer should probably be aware that you cannot legally travel abroad with more than 25K INR in your possession,” he stated. Unaccounted INR being used in foreign countries?

According to reports, apart from Qatar, Dubai Duty Free also accepts payments in Indian currency. The airport has been accepting payments in rupees since July 1, 2019, and the currency is accepted at all points of sales in Terminal 1, 2, 3 of Dubai International.
Pakistani Currency Awaits Exchange Solutions


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