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Qatar world cup proves Arab nations worthy of hosting major global events

The fact that Qatar was successful in organising a remarkable FIFA World Cup edition proves daily that its strategy of ignoring the persistent smear attempts it has faced since being chosen to host the tournament was the right one.

By organising an unprecedented competition for the most prestigious sporting event in the world, which is being staged for the first time in an Arab and Islamic nation, Qatar answered critics with actions rather than words.

Hosting World Cup as First Arab country

Since the dazzling launch of the World Cup, Qatar has managed to open a new chapter in the history of hosting the World Cup as the first Arab and Middle Eastern country to host the mega-global event. The opening ceremony saw a unique mixture of the East with its pure Qatari flavour and the modernity of the West with its rapid rhythm.  

The ceremony was distinguished by a visual dazzle that was not seen in a World Cup opening before. The using the latest technologies in lighting, sound, and visual tricks can be seen.  

Combining Arab and international culture 

Qatar gave the World Cup events a purely Arab taste through the opening ceremony at Al Bayt Stadium, whose design was inspired by the traditional Bedouin tent, as well as the line-up of Arabian horses outside the stadium. In addition, the artistic performances included in the ceremony that combine Arab traditions and international culture.  

Cohesion Among Arabs

Speaking to the French website Skema BS’s “Insights” program, Chadwick added that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 demonstrated the extent of cohesion between the Qatari people and the Arab and Gulf peoples, all of whom lined up behind the Arab teams participating in the tournament, noting the large presence of Saudi football fans who enriched the World Cup atmosphere.  

Certificate of Recognition

Chadwick underlined that the organisation of this giant sporting event is a certificate of recognition of the Arab countries as peers worthy of organising such major international tournaments. Qatar’s organisation of the tournament gave this event a symbolic dimension par excellence.

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