Saturday, July 20, 2024

Railways Explain Why Hazara Express Accident Had Wooden Joint On Track

Regarding the accident of Hazara Express near Nawabshah, the discussion and criticism about the wooden joint in the railway track is going on loudly and in such a situation, the Pakistan Railways authorities have given a technical explanation.

 In the clarification issued by the railway authorities, it is said that the railway track is electrified, insulation is required to control its electrification, electrical people can understand better about it, to control insulation such A metal object is required through which current cannot pass.

Railway officials have also shared a video in which a 2-foot piece of wood is attached to the joint of the rail track to keep the current separate and the second rail is tightened with a nut bolt.

According to the authorities, wood is the best material for controlling electrification, which is non-conductor and is used all over Pakistan, it does not reduce the strength of the track.

It should be noted that a video of connecting railway tracks with wood is viral on social media, on which the government and the railways have been criticized.

It should be noted that on Sunday, several coaches of the Hazara Express going from Karachi to Havelian derailed near Nawabshah, as a result of which at least 30 people died and more than 80 were injured.

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