Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Rare Apple Sneakers with Vintage Rainbow Logo on Sale For Over Rs.14 Million

Apple is creating a buzz in the shoe industry with its exclusive Apple rainbow logo sneakers, which are now available for auction at an astonishing price of $50,000. These special sneakers were originally made for Apple employees in the 1990s and were never sold to the public.

The sneakers look like regular white leather jogging shoes, but the standout feature is the two rare rainbow-colored Apple logos—one on the tongue and another on the side. They are considered highly unique and valuable, and they come in a box that may show some yellowing due to age.

The Apple sneakers are in US size 10.5 and European size 41, and they come with an extra pair of red laces. As part of the growing trend of collecting Apple memorabilia, these sneakers have attracted a lot of interest from collectors, leading to their high price.

Apple memorabilia, including first edition iPhones and personal belongings of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has been in high demand among collectors. The rarity and historical significance of these items have driven their value to extraordinary levels.

Although the $50,000 price tag for the Apple sneakers may seem expensive, collectors and Apple enthusiasts are eager to invest in these valuable pieces of tech history. The auction highlights the enduring popularity of Apple’s iconic brand and its influence on popular culture.

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