Monday, April 15, 2024

Reason Behind Arshad Nadeem Failure To Reach Top 3 Revealed By the in charge of mission

Brig Zaheer Akhtar, in charge of the mission, talked to media from Tokyo on Sunday and said that Arshad Nadeem looked ready to cross even the best as he gave an early sign in the qualifying round.

“in qualifying round when he set the javelin over 85 meters, the India coach of the javelin gold medalist said on record he was the biggest threat to the gold medalist athlete, having all potential to e the gold medalist. Such was the pressure of his qualifying round that the India camp was cautious of Arshad Nadeem and his performance, where he did not even give his best yet.”

Brig Zaheer Akhtar showed his disapproval over missing the chance of being an Olympic champion eve a gold medalist because the talented Arshad Nadeem could hit the 90meter mark if the coach and the man himself stayed focused on the finals before it.

“The main reason behind lack of focus was constant social media usage between the qualifying round and finals by coach and Arshad Nadeem.”

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