Saturday, July 20, 2024

Record 50 Million Mobile Phones Assembled in Pakistan in One Year

Almas Hyder, Chief Executive Officer, Engineering Development Board (EBD) recently revealed that first time in history, over 50 million smart and feature mobile phones were assembled in Pakistan in a period of an year.

While speaking to media in Lahore, he said that in a time of an year review, 99% sold out so far in market out of 22 millions smart mobile phones which were assembled while 97 percent were purchased out of 28 million feature mobile phones which were pieced together .

He further stated that $1.12m valued mobile phone parts were imported to Pakistan by the assemblers, as per press release received here.

Sum of 31 local and foreign mobile phone companies provided licenses of which 21 are operational while the other are in process of setting up plants for production including Nokia.

He further said that only one foreign company imported 3.8 million feature phones during the year which is also interested to establish plant in Pakistan.

Almas Hyder said that locally assembled smart mobile phones of best quality featured with ultra model technology has regained the confidence of buyers in Pakistan.

He added further that they are much cheaper and most economical than foreign assembled mobiles.

Further stated that as soon as mobile phones are assembled, they immediately got sold which reflects good governance and transparent policy being followed by the EDB for luring local and foreign investment in Pakistan.

He said that engineer of Pakistan has a large potential to grow and contribute an important role towards national development for robust economic activities.

To strengthen engineering base by attracting foreign direct investment in this sector, Almas committed.

He said that Pakistan have one of the best liberal investment regime in the region coupled with plenty of natural and human resources.

Almas Hyder further said that EDB is venturing to systematise and align all standards to have a better and favorable business environment for all businesses in Pakistan especially foreign investors.

He stated further that Engineering Development Board (EDB) is also making efforts to make possible for investors to turn their promises into reality with a focus to simplify the procedural hassle to maximum extent through various initiatives.

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