Thursday, September 21, 2023

Revelation of King’s Guard Pay Scale Leaves People Stunned

A recent revelation about the King’s Guard’s pay has left many people astonished. TikToker @howmuchthough has brought this matter to light, unveiling some unexpected details about their salaries. The King’s Guard mainly recruits from five regiments, and while there are age limits, they don’t impose strict education requirements.

The training process spans 28 weeks, covering various skills and drill training. Following this, trainees are stationed at Wellington barracks, conveniently located near Buckingham Palace. Here, they dedicate their time to ceremonial duties for a period of 6 to 18 months.

Starting salaries for the King’s Guard are relatively modest, with Guardsmen earning £18,687. This pay increases to £23,496 upon promotion to Lance Corporal. Further promotions result in higher salaries: Lance Sergeants begin at £36,728, Sergeants at £41,374, and Colour Sergeants at £46,815. It’s noteworthy that failing to achieve the rank of Lance Sergeant within 12 years leads to removal from the Guard.

The video revealing this information quickly gained popularity, amassing over 1.3 million views and sparking widespread surprise at the comparatively low pay. However, it is not just the pay that is garnered attention; there have been incidents involving the King’s Guard and their horses.

One such incident featured a horse from the King’s Guard experiencing a meltdown, prompting a Guard to hit the emergency buzzer. Bystanders crowded around, seemingly unaware of the horse’s distress.

In another unfortunate incident, a woman was bitten by one of the King’s Guard horses while posing for a photo. This prompted her to issue a warning about the importance of respecting the horses’ space. Additionally, there was a viral video in which a tourist ignored a King’s Guard’s orders not to touch a horse’s reins, accumulating a staggering 5.8 million views.

Viewers had varying reactions to these incidents. Some defended the tourists, suggesting language barriers might have played a role, while others criticized the tourists for not adhering to instructions. These situations have raised questions about the Guard’s communication methods and the behavior of tourists around the King’s Guard.

In conclusion, the revelation of the King’s Guard’s pay has taken many by surprise, shedding light on the importance of respecting their duties. Public understanding and consideration are vital for maintaining a harmonious relationship with these iconic figures.

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