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Rizwan’s Strong Faith Makes Him an Example for Other Cricketers: Andy Flower

Andy Flower, coach of Multan Sultan appreciated his captain, Mohammad Rizwan for being the best example for the rest of the team in the dressing room.

He credited his faith in Islam due to which he is grounded and humble.

“A really good example of stars keeping their feet firmly on the ground is our captain, Mohammad Rizwan. You know, he’s a really strong leader. He’s a strong man. He’s got very strong and principled views. He obviously has a very strong faith, but he’s also been hugely successful as an international sportsperson,” Andy stated.

He added further, “But on top of that – I think it has something to do with his strong faith [Islam] actually – he keeps his humility. He’s a great example to all the Pakistani cricketers and the international cricketers in our dressing room on how you can be a really high performer but also be very humble with it. I think his faith and his and his humility keep him at a very solid foundation from which to work.”

Andy praised his leadership skills which has made Sultan, ’ a consistent team in PSL.

“I’ve worked with some really great captains over the years and Rizwan, I find, is an excellent leader. He’s got strength and positivity, which means that people will follow him. He thinks he has clear views on the game. I like debating cricket with him, debating selections or strategy, but he has very clear views and the courage about the way he plays, something that makes him a leader other people want to follow. They see that he’s not afraid to challenge the opposition, to take on particular situations, to lose,” flower added.

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