Thursday, September 21, 2023

Rohit Sharma becomes First Person to Hit a Six To Shaheen Afridi in First Over of ODI Innings

India and Pakistan are playing Asia cup super 4’s match at Premadasa Stadium. Indian batsman Rohit Sharma was careful when facing the first 5 balls bowled by Pakistani bowler Shaheen Afridi.

On the last ball of the over, Sharma hit a six off Afridi’s bowling. Earlier in the tournament, Afridi had dismissed Sharma cheaply. But this time, Afridi missed his line and length, allowing Sharma to hit a six.

With that six, Sharma became the first batsman ever to hit a six off Afridi’s bowling in the first over of a one-day international match.

The six showed that Sharma had learned from his previous mistake against Afridi and was determined to score runs this time.

Overall, it was an impressive start by Sharma against a dangerous bowler. He played smartly and showed his class by hitting a six off the last ball. Morever, he also scored 56 runs today’s match against Pakistan.

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