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Rooh Afza Sensational TVC is Winning Hearts of Pakistanis

Rooh Afza’s new sensational TVC is currently a hot topic in town. The brand recently has come up with a very refreshing and soulful idea where the glimpse of life and the joy of beautiful relationships are presented, along with the multipurpose use of this syrup; however, it is based on a song, not just a jingle.

This melodious TVC has captured almost every viewer’s attention, the storyline reminds us of the sweetness of Rooh Afza. Depicting the true essence of life lies in appreciating little moments and celebrating; this is what makes this ad beautiful.

Illustration of Real Life

The ad consists of moments and stories within those moments that most of us feel throughout our life. While watching it, one can genuinely relate his/her life’s moments with the video.

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The ad portrays a beautiful friendship bond where they are cheering up another friend to enjoy life rather than be sad alone. The beauty of doing little for loved ones, just like where a husband prepares breakfast for his wife before she wakes up, made this TVC even more enjoyable.

Several nationalities shown at the end of the video represent a few of the 30 plus countries around the globe where Rooh Afza is loved and consumed by the natives. It is not just syrup or a drink, it is appreciated as a connection of pure love, joy and the traditional taste of Pakistan.

Lyrics and Melody

The song’s lyrics are pure and positive, intimate and beautifully woven to disseminate the message of love, joy, harmony, care, understanding, and most importantly, to give a recipe for a happy life! We all live once, so why not make every moment memorable.

The song’s melody with a soft tune stays with the listener, and it won’t be surprising if one randomly starts humming it out of nowhere. It achieves the objective of creating a good recall of the campaign.

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Moreover, Komail Anam, the eye-candy and the emerging actor and a singer, is the son of a famous actor/singer Khalid Anam and Tehmina Khalid, a former lifestyle magazine editor, PR specialist and a socialite.

Creative Use of Rooh Afza

The multipurpose aspect of Rooh Afza in the film gives us ideas to get creative and invent new ways to have fun with Rooh Afza, making ordinary moments memorable. It can be a perfect combination with ice cream or Kulfi; you can even use it on a waffle or a cheesecake.

A Beautiful Message

It depicts the true meaning of adding colors to life by reflecting the beauty of connecting positivity and happiness.

A beautiful message that spreaded smiles on many faces from the TVC is “Let’s make new friends” where grandchildren cheer up their grandfather with Rooh Afza. It shows that all you need is a pure heart to welcome everyone.

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The chorus “Zindagi Mubarak!” is a reminder for all of us to cherish the little moments of happiness while becoming a part of someone else’s happy moments, love life and value relationships that make us thankful to this beautiful gift of life.

Syed Ali Abbas
Syed Ali Abbas
General Manager at Startup Pakistan

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