Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Senate Passes Bill for Public Execution of Rapists

Two bills to pursue public execution of rape convicts and punishments for the desecration of human bodies were passed by the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, as it considered several bills referred by the house in its meeting on Tuesday.

Committee Chairman, Rehman Malik and House Leader, Dr. Shehzad Waseem engaged in an altercation during the meeting. Shehzad later staged a meeting walkout over what he described as the law’s “bulldozing.”

With a majority vote, the bill was adopted. Dr Shehzad Waseem however, opposed it and expressed concerns about it. Malik said that the bill was passed according to the committee’s rules and directed that it should also be clubbed with the ordinance that had already been notified.

Another criminal law (amendment) bill, 2020, introduced by Senator Abbasi, has also been approved by the committee. Though appreciating the bill’s mover, Malik said that allegations of cases of abuse of human corpses were heart-wrenching and criminals should be dealt with an iron fist.

The committee directed that, with the installation of a monitoring system, including close-circuit TV cameras, boundary walls should be installed across all graveyards across the country so that integrity and reverence for human corpses could be ensured.

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