Friday, April 19, 2024

Rs1.25b set aside for facilities at Rohtas Fort

According to the news, the Punjab Govt has allotted Rs1.25 billion for the supply of high-value tourist facilities and recovery of roads all around Rohtas Fort.

Asif Mehmood, the Adviser to Punjab CM stated that Rs1.25 billion has been earmarked to enhance the ailment of this historic fort and to advantage the economy of the state.

He further added that the services of prominent artisans of the country would be searched for this development project. This contains care of Sher Shah Suri Museum, gallery, solar panels, tourist information Centre and the entrance to the roads to the fort.

Rohtas Fort, which is considered being the second-largest fort of Pakistan, and has great historical importance, will be provided with modern-day tourism service and all the essential amenities following the provincial government’s plan for the protection and restoration of historical legacies and heritage.

As per the reports, this is a 12-door fort and is located over 12 acres in the Jhelum district and its past is enriched by historical stories.

The special gateway to the fort from GT Road is credited to Khawas Khan Marwat, the brave general and powerful son of Sher Shah Suri at the same time as the door near the canteen and well is like the glass gate decorated with the bright blue bricks of its time.

Though, over a period and because of the carelessness of authorities, this legacy of historical significance has lost its charisma.

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