Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ryan Agencies & Meri Gari Pave Way for Historic Export of Pakistani Red Chilies to China

Ryan Agencies and Meri Gari have made history by facilitating Pakistan’s first export of dried red chilies to China as part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative. Ryan Agencies handled customs clearance, while Meri Gari managed in-land transportation, marking a significant achievement for bilateral trade.

The ceremony at the Department of Plant Protection was attended by important personalities, including Chief Minister Sindh Justice (R) Mr. Maqbool Baqar, Director General DPP Mr. Allah Ditta Abid, and Chinese Consul General Mr. Yang Yundong. With mutually endorsed protocols in place, Pakistan strives to establish itself as a leading provider of high-quality chilies to China, fostering economic growth.

Despite being the world’s fifth most populous country and the 41st largest economy, Pakistan faced a decline in dried red chili exports in recent years. However, strategic collaborations under CPEC, including a successful 2021 pilot project testing chili cultivation, set the stage for this achievement.

Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Dr. Koasar, accentuated the initiative’s importance in strengthening trade ties and global food security. China’s involvement in contract farming, technology transfer, and local farmer training played a crucial role in unlocking Pakistan’s potential for high-quality chili production.

Additionally, Minister Commerce and Industries Dr. Gohar Ejaz, perceives this breakthrough as a catalyst for propelling agricultural exports to China, with the goal of surpassing $20 billion. By leveraging the Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement, which features zero tariffs, Pakistan strategically enhances its competitive position in the global market.

Furthermore, Mr. Zheng Xiaohui, Development Manager at Sichuan Litong Food Co. Ltd., expressed gratitude to Dr. Allah Ditta Abid and the DPP team for their exemplary leadership. Special recognition was extended to Muhammad Sohail Shahzad, Director Technical DPP,  Mahwish Aziz, Entomologist Quarantine DPP and Mr. Chen Liyang, Director LTEC International Agriculture Development Co. Ltd. for their dedicated efforts in finalizing protocols for chili exports to China.

To sum up, this achievement not only marks a leap for Pakistan’s export sector but also symbolizes the prosperous journey of its agricultural products into the international market. As the first shipment embarks on its journey to China, the horizon unfolds with promising prospects for future collaborations and sustained economic growth.

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