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Saddar Karachi – History, Location and Other Info

It is almost impossible for a Karachi resident to have never visited Saddar Town, one of the most distinctive and ancient neighborhoods in the bustling metropolis. Since Saddar Karachi is home to classic and contemporary markets and buildings that date back more than a century and offer everything from electronics to antiques, it is a paradise for historians and buyers.

Saddar was the city’s financial and commercial hub during the British colonial era. Indeed, even after the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, it remained a popular destination for international tourists and dignitaries due to its location in Karachi, the country’s then-capital. Contemporary apartments and shopping malls have replaced the old wooden houses as the ancient crimson buildings collapsed and deteriorated over time.

The enormous town of Saddar Karachi has maintained much of its charm and uniqueness despite being one of the city’s oldest and most populous commercial areas. In essence, it is the ideal blend of old and new because it not only preserves history but also has tangled up with contemporary culture and infrastructure.


The two most prominent neighborhoods of this town are Kharadar and Mithadar. These two names translate to Salty Gate and Sweet Gate. On the contrary, the names of the gates come from the fact that one of them opened onto the Arabian Sea and the other toward the Lyari River.

What is so Distinctive about Saddar Karachi?

There are many old buildings in this neighborhood that make it famous and worth visiting. Following are some of the most visited places in Saddar, Karachi.

Empress Market

Empress Market

Empress Market is one of Saddar’s most well-known landmarks. It was named after the Indian Empress, Queen Victoria. This iconic Market’s construction started in 1884 and was finished in 1889. Even after hundreds of years, Empress Market is still one of the most diversified markets in the city. You must visit if you haven’t already, as the complex’s shops sell everything from meat and vegetables to clothing and household items. Empress Market is bustling every week despite being situated in the city’s busiest area.

Empress Market

Karachi Port Trust Building

Karachi Port Trust Building is situated in the Kharadar neighborhood. This building was constructed in 1915. The KPT structure was inspired by Gothic, Hindu, and British buildings. However, the gigantic dome at the top of the structure has a traditional Roman design. Additionally, the entire building is constructed of teak, a highly expensive material.

Karachi Port Trust Building

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

The St. Patrick’s Cathedral was constructed in 1881. Perhaps it is one of Sindh’s oldest churches. It was initially constructed in 1845. The 170-foot Cathedral, however, was built adjacent to it as the local Catholic community began to expand. A storm hit the buildings in 1885. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Pakistan owing to its spectacular red brick architecture and enormous stained-glass windows. It can accommodate over 2,000 worshipers at once. Among the most important churches in the vicinity is the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Frere Hall

Frere Hall symbolizes the city’s regal past. The spectacular Venetian-Gothic building, constructed between 1863 and 1865, holds Sir Henry Bartle Frere’s name, a British official. At first, it was designed to serve as Karachi’s Town Hall. However, it now serves as a library and a gallery. Festivities are hosted all year round in the spacious gardens surrounding the ancient building. The Sunday Book Fair at Frere Hall is admired by bibliophiles all over the city.

Frere Hall

National Museum of Pakistan

The National Museum of Pakistan was located in the renowned Frere Hall building in 1959. The government of Pakistan relocated the museum to a separate building at Burns Garden in Saddar Town in 1969. Every resident of Karachi should visit this museum. The museum’s historical artifacts, from the prehistoric era to the formation of Pakistan, are on display. The National Museum of Pakistan is open to student groups free of charge.

National Museum of Pakistan

Merewether Clock Tower

The Merewether Clock Tower is located in one of the busiest areas of Karachi. The tower is located in an area surrounding a lot of markets. The nearby markets attract a lot of customers rather than the Market itself. The tower attracts very few visitors because there is little to see about it. The Merewether clock was built in 1892. The tower has four clocks on each side and a large bell hanging at the top. The tower is about 102 Feet Tall.

Merewether Clock Tower

High Court of Sindh

The building of the Sindh High Court is located in Saddar, Karachi. It was constructed in 1929. The old building could only house five judges, whereas the new building house offices for the Advocate General Sindh, Secretary Ministry of Justice, Parliamentary Affairs, Registry of the Federal Sharia Court, and Sindh Bar Council. That is why the new building had to be built over time.

High Court of Sindh

Restaurants in Saddar

Burns Road in Saddar is considered one of the largest and most significant food streets. For those who want to try authentic desi cuisines, then they must visit Burns Road. It is busy at all times. It is home to some ancient and famous food places in Karachi, such as Sabir Nihari, Zahid Nihari, Baloch Ice-cream, Peshawari Ice-cream, Hijaz Dairy, Chaudhary Farzand Ali Kulfi, and Fresco Sweets. However, this neighborhood is an amalgamation of old and new. One can find all international and local eateries in Saddar, Karachi.

Markets in Saddar

You would find markets in Karachi, from clothes to Handicrafts; everything is available at length. You can shop for everything in Saddar. The most famous markets in Saddar are:

Bohri Bazar

In Bohri Bazar, you would find not only clothes but crockery, hardware, and other wooden items.

Zainab Market

In Zainab Markets, you can find all sorts of export-quality goods, such as leather items, denim, antiques, and handicrafts.

Saddar Electronic Market

It is the biggest Market for electronics in Karachi. You can find all kinds of electronic items in this Market.


In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with all the relevant information related to Saddar, Karachi that would benefit you on your visit to Saddar.

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