Saturday, April 20, 2024

Vintage Levi’s Jeans from 1880s Auctioned for Rs 10.6 Million

Levi’s jeans was aucted off worth $76,000 (PKR 16,58,7000) in New Mexico as it is assumed to be from 1870s, as per sources reported.

In the United States these jeans were discovered in an inactive mine by archaeologist Michael Harris.

At an antique festival held in New Mexico, jeans was put up for auction where it was aucted off for approx Rs10.6 million.

Kyle Haupert and Zip Stevenson, two vintage clothing dealer purchased the jeans.

Stevenson who owns a denim repair shop in Los Angeles stated, “the jeans are a rare find in excellent condition.”

Moreover he stated, “Few other pairs of 18th-century Levi’s jeans still exist but are on display in museums and are not wearable, but these jeans can be worn with just a few minor repairs.”

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