Tuesday, March 5, 2024


Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Epiphany launched “AI/ML Reactor” competition; a 5-week virtual mentorship program aimed at enhancing AI/ML awareness in Pakistan’s burgeoning startup ecosystem for them to focus on any business verticals and at all stages of development to upscale their ventures and be at the forefront.

The competition initially comprised of 25+ applicants including Trukkr, Vision RD, Finja, Retailo, Dastgyr, Dukan, Xpertflow, Bazaar and many others who got their AI/ML implementation done through a series of exclusive workshops, masterclasses, mentorship and immersion sessions with experts and thought leaders from AWS and the tech ecosystem. Each contestant was to choose and pitch in an AI/ML use-case and service they aspired for, on the basis of which they were meticulously graded by a team of AWS certified engineers. Followed by their refined & constructive feedback, Salesflo successfully managed to make through all the contest rounds and secured the first position amongst the 25 applicants.

Salesflo is a leading SAAS based ecosystem and amongst a select partner tier with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that leverages technology to better distribute CPG products and effectively managing their sales force. With one-of-its-kind concept of AirStrike technology during the AI/ML competition, Salesflo affirmed FMCG companies to automate their in-store retail merchandising by detecting product availability through AirStrike’s platform built on Amazon tools (Rekognition, Sagemaker and Lamda). With this, a significant increase in marketing store coverage and 95% improved accuracy of product availability is made possible by simply clicking a few pictures inside the store. Moreover, it is now democratizing the act of merchandising by allowing retail store owners to perform self-merchandising and self-audits to earn themselves incentives directly from brands whilst allowing brands to more effectively communicate with their target audiences.

Hence, owing to the great win, Salesflo was featured in ‘Startups of AI/ML Reactor’ series on social media as it became a part of national and international community building initiatives with partner networks.

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