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Sarsabz Fertilizer’s latest TVC is winning hearts of Pakistanis for paying tribute to the hard working farmers of Pakistan

Sarsabz Fertilizer has introduced innumerable innovations within the agricultural sector; however, a star achievement of Sarsabz (Fatima Fertilizer) is its tribute to farmers by celebrating the Kissan Day.

‘Kissan Day’ was originally proposed by Sarsabz Fertilizer on December 18, 2019 as a first time ever initiative recognizing and paying tribute to the contributions of Pakistani farmers across the Country.

The Federal Government of Pakistan also recognized December 18 as ‘Kissan Day’ to be celebrated every year, which was a big achievement not only for Sarsabz Fertilizers but also for the entire farmer’s community of Pakistan.

Sarsabz’s vision behind celebrating Kissan Day was to provide a platform for farmers to highlight their ongoing issues/challenges while engaging stakeholders and policy makers in a dialogue to come up with possible solutions that can benefit these farmers and put them on the path to prosperity.

According to the latest TVC of Sarsabz Fertilizer, Kissan’s appreciate Sarsabz for supporting them by giving them a voice through this initiative and working towards resolving their current challenges and modernizing Pakistan’s agriculture sector to benefit the economy.

Latest #SalamKissan TVC by Sarsabz The latest TVC of Sarsabz “Salam Kissan 2021” is winning hearts of Pakistanis since it got on-air. The brand showed true essence of farmer intentions who are generously contributing to our daily lives through their hard work and dedication. They work tirelessly, not only the males but many female farmers are also working to grow crops for us.

The credit for our meals, fruits, vegetables, and a lot more is to be given to these farmers as they are the ones who made it possible for us to have nutritious and fresh meals every day and go one with our daily lives. Sarsabz has highlighted the struggle of these farmers, how they face various challenges in their work to produce food for the nation. Fatima Fertilizer is actively engaged to help these farmers in fighting these challenges by adopting technological solutions and increase their crop yield and prosperity.

A beautiful glimpse shown in the TVC of how farmers toil their sweat across the North and South of the country is most beautiful. It is due to this hard work and labor of these farmers, that we are able to enjoy the green and fresh crops, pulses, vegetables, fruits, cotton, maize, for our everyday consumption, and we should be utterly thankful for these.

The concept of Agri-tech is also shown in the TVC which helps to spread smiles on the faces of farmers, since it enables them to resolve and overcome many issues and hurdles towards achieving maximum productivity.

All this hard work and determination of farmers has been given a special tribute of #SalamKisaan by Sarsabz Fertilizer and the entire nation, saluting and greeting the farmers for their passion and dedication towards the land of Pakistan.

Fertilizer’s latest Salam Kissan TVC has recently received more than five million views in just a few days of its launch on Sarsabz’s official Youtube channel. This is an impressive achievement which helps to highlight an important insight about Pakistani nation that farmers live within their hearts and their appreciation and encouragement for them stands as their utmost priority and desire.

Current Agriculture Situation in Pakistan

According to the statistics, agriculture is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy and contributing 19.3 per cent to the country’s GDP and employing 39 per cent of the labour force. However, the major crops such as cotton, wheat, rice, maize and sugar cane contribute 4 per cent and minor crops add 2 per cent to the GDP.

As such, the agriculture sector has not been majorly affected by COVID-19, however it still lags behind due to multiple reasons and resolving them can ensure a positive change in the status of farmers. Sarsabz is helping and supporting farmers to fill up the gap in between where the system is lagging.

According to the sources, 17 million acres of land is used only once a year for cultivation. If cultivated twice for Rabi and Kharif seasons, it can contribute 44% to the national GDP. At present, Pakistan produces 45.5m tonnes of wheat, for a population of 220m people ever-growing at the rate of 5 million per year.

The potential of seed varieties keeps dropping year after year. Soil depletion and climate change also add to the declining yield. Pakistan imports edible oil worth USD 3 billion and pulses for USD 0.5 billion. Whereas, the challenges are trying to get resolved in which Sarsabz fertilizer is also playing a vital role.

Moreover, Pakistan is blessed with the best land in Balochistan to grow olives but due to lack of initiatives, this opportunity has not been exploited yet.

Sarsabz Resolving the Current Agriculture Issues in Pakistan

The issues of the agricultural sector are not new; however, the most common and current ones includes climate change, quality of farm inputs and crop yield, access to market and micro-financing and land utilization and water logging.

The possible reforms are provided by Sarsabz in order to make the agricultural sector grow more and for that the installation of technology for farmer is also playing a significant role in order to understand the challenges and resolving them.

Some Initiatives by Sarsabz towards Agriculture Development

Sarsabz has also anticipated the future of agriculture in Pakistan; however, several initiatives have been takes by them for the development in order to grow in the upcoming years by increasing exports and expanding land.

• Dry sowing method of rice:

FG in partnership with Rice Research Institute is working to save 20% water consumption in rice by introducing the latest dry sowing methodology to farmers of Punjab. This saving in water will help the tail end cotton farmers of Sindh who find it difficult to meet their crop’s water requirements.

• Improvements in seed quality through SANIFA:

FG entered into a joint venture with Sapphire and Nishat Textiles under the name of SANIFA in 2019 to introduce high yield hybrid cotton seed in Pakistan. The national textile sector is largely dependent on cotton industry, whereas Pakistan is also one of the major exporters of cotton yarn which highlights its importance for the agri-economy. The produced seed varieties are undergoing the trial phase, following which they will be marketed commercially.

• Precision farming

FG signed an MOU with CMEC (China Machinery Engineering Corporation) in October 2019 under CPEC to introduce precision farming in Pakistan, aimed at maximizing agricultural output through adoption of latest irrigation technologies and farming methods.

• Capacity building

FG is in collaboration with CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International) under the Punjab Government’s project, ‘Establishment of Model Farms’ to build capacity of local farmers to enable them to export their enhanced yields from limited lands to international markets.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
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