Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Samsung Reportedly Inks Deal to Buy OLED TV Panels from LG Display

Samsung is reportedly in talks with LG, one of its biggest display competitors, about placing a large order for OLED TV panels. According to a report in Korean media, Samsung and LG are finalizing a deal in which LG will supply Samsung with millions of OLED panels for TVs.

In its QLED TVs, which use a combination of LCD backlighting and quantum dot filters, Samsung is attempting to move away from LCD panels.

Officials from both firms met to negotiate the contract, as per the report. The report further said that Samsung will receive 1 million OLED panels in H2 2021, with the amount rising to 4 million by 2022.

Samsung has not said what these OLED panels would be used for, but according to the source, the company is working on a QLED TV without LCD backlighting. Samsung Electronics officially rejected these prototypes in January due to their low brightness.

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