Monday, September 25, 2023

Saud Al Ghamdi, 70-year-old Saudi man who hasn’t ‘slept for over 30 years’

The story of an elderly Saudi man who has been unable to sleep for decades has resurfaced on social media. Saud Bin Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, 70, recently spoke about his condition in a televised interview, stating that doctors have been unable to find a solution.

Al-Ghamdi’s story has captivated many people, with some considering it more like a fantasy due to the unusual nature of his sleeplessness. Despite seeking medical help, Al-Ghamdi continues to struggle with his condition, which often leaves him feeling irritable.

He first spoke about his sleeplessness in 2018, gaining attention on social media at the time. His recent interview reignited interest in his story, and he shared that he has not slept continuously for over 30 years without understanding the reason behind it. He clarified that he is mentally sound and not suffering from any mental illness.

Al-Ghamdi, who had a military background, recalled spending almost twenty days without sleep during a mission in his early years. However, the problem persisted throughout his life.

Despite visiting several hospitals and receiving various treatments, Al-Ghamdi’s condition did not improve, causing him ongoing discomfort and anxiety. Some doctors attributed his condition to psychological depression, but the prescribed treatments did not yield any positive results. He also sought guidance from religious figures, but no progress was made.

While some social media users expressed surprise at the revelation, others questioned the authenticity of the case. Sympathetic individuals shared well-wishes and suggestions for potential remedies, such as reducing sugar intake and avoiding tea before bed. One person suggested seeking medical treatment abroad for thorough examination by doctors and specialists.

The story has gained attention on Saudi social networking sites, with people sharing their thoughts and offering support to Al-Ghamdi in his search for a solution to his sleeplessness.

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