Monday, October 2, 2023

McDonald’s 4.7 Million Followers Twitter Handle Got Hacked? or is Being Operated by a Kid

McDonald’s official Twitter account, which has 4.7 million followers, seems to have been hacked or is being controlled by someone unauthorized. A strange post was shared on the account about 2 hours ago, with random letters and words that didn’t make sense. People are wondering if a hacker or a kid is behind this.

Many followers and social media users are worried about the security of McDonald’s Twitter account because of this strange post. People are discussing and sharing screenshots of the tweet to bring attention to the situation.

McDonald’s hasn’t said anything about it yet, but it is expected that they will investigate and fix the problem quickly. It’s important for them to address the concerns of their followers and make sure the account is secure.

Sometimes, hackers can get into social media accounts and cause problems. It’s not clear why this happened or who did it in this case.

McDonald’s will likely work with Twitter to solve the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again. They know that having a secure online presence is important for their reputation.

We will have to wait for McDonald’s to give an official statement about what happened. It’s important for them to explain the situation and make their followers feel safe.

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