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Saudi Arabia announced 600 fully-funded scholarships for Pakistani students in 25 Saudi Universities

For the academic year 2021-22, Saudi Arabia has announced 600 fully-funded scholarships for Pakistani students. Under the umbrella of this endeavor, 600 Pakistani students would be able to acquire diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in 25 well reputed universities of KSA.

As far as the eligibility criteria is concerned:

  • Applicants must be citizens of Pakistan or the Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Legally living Pakistani or AJK nationals in Saudi Arabia.
  • Pakistani and AJK nationals would receive 75% of the scholarships, while Pakistani or AJK nationals legally residents of Saudi Arabia will receive 25% of the scholarships.
  • BS applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 25, MS and Ph.D. applicants must be less than ages of 30 and 35 respectively.
  • In September/October of each year, successful candidates will begin their studies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Applicants must not be receiving any other scholarship at the time they apply for them.
  • Students are also required to pose a clean criminal as well as academic record.
  • These scholarships are open to both male and female students.

Process of Application:

The process for how to apply is mentioned below:

  • Students must apply online via university’s portal.
  • Every university has its own set of eligibility requirements and application deadlines. As a result, students must check the university’s website for eligibility requirements and admissions opening and closing dates frequently.
  • Political science, law, education, administration, economics, engineering, computer science, agriculture, Arabic studies, Islamic studies, and media sciences are among the disciplines where scholarships are available.
  • Every individual university will transmit all completed applications to the Saudi Education Ministry, which will select the winners.
  • Applicants must also send a copy of their application to the Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh, which will work with the Saudi Education Ministry to have scholarships approved.

Royalties and other benefits include:

A 900 Saudi Riyal monthly allowance for science students and 850 Saudi Riyal for humanities students. The scholarship will include free housing.

Married students will be given a three-month furnishing allowance. Return air tickets will be available. Medical care will also be provided free of charge (family coverage in case of married students).

For the transportation of books, students will be given a 3-month allowance after graduation. Moreover, subsidized lunches will be available on campus. On-campus sports and leisure activities, as well as support for dependents and travel fees, will also be available.

List of universities

Sr. No.UniversityWebsite
5.Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic
6.King Saud
7.King Abdul Aziz
8.Hafar Al Batin
9.King Faisal
10.King Khalid
16.Al Jouf
17.Al Baha
20.Northern Border
21.Princess Nora
22.Imam Abdul Rahman
23.Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz

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