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Saudi Arabia Announces Fully-Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students in 25 Saudi Universities

Saudi Arabia has announced fully-funded scholarships for Pakistani students in 25 Saudi universities. These scholarships encompass diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs across all fields of study. They are open to both students residing in Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. This initiative aims to promote educational opportunities and strengthen ties between the two nations.

Saudi Arabia is offering fully-funded scholarships in various disciplines, including Political Science, Law, Engineering, and more. Pakistani students can apply directly to 25 top Saudi universities, which will then forward applications to the Saudi Ministry of Education for selection.

About Scholarships:

Saudi Arabia’s scholarships for Pakistani students offer several benefits. Science students receive a monthly allowance of 900 Saudi Riyals (SR), while humanities students receive 850 SR. The package includes free lodging, a three-month furnishing allowance for married scholars, return air tickets, and free medical coverage for both the student and their family if married. Additionally, students receive a graduation allowance for the shipment of books, and there are subsidized meal options available on the campus. These comprehensive provisions aim to support students’ academic pursuits and ensure their well-being during their studies in Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Nationality: Applicants must be Pakistani or AJK nationals.
  2. Gender: Both male and female students are eligible to apply.
  3. Age: For Bachelor’s programs, applicants should be between 17 to 25 years old. For Master’s programs, the age limit is 30 years, and for Ph.D. programs, applicants should be less than 35 years old on the closing date of the application process.
  4. Scholarship Status: Applicants should not be holding any other scholarship at the time of availing of the Saudi Scholarship.
  5. Criminal Record: Applicants must not have any criminal record.

How to Apply for Scholarships:

To apply for the Saudi scholarships, students must visit the KSA Ministry of Education. Each university may have specific eligibility criteria and application timelines for different disciplines or courses. Applicants should consult the website to ensure they meet the requirements for their chosen program and university.

Here is a list of 25 universities in Saudi Arabia that offer fully funded scholarships:

Sr. No.University NameWebsite links
1Jeddah UniversityApply Now
2Bisha UniversityApply Now
3Umm-al-Quran UniversityApply Now
4Islamic UniversityApply Now
5Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic UniversityApply Now
6King Saud UniversityApply Now
7King Abdul Aziz UniversityApply Now
8Hafar Al Batin UniversityApply Now
9King Faisal UniversityApply Now
10King Khalid UniversityApply Now
11Qassim UniversityApply Now
12Taibah UniversityApply Now
13Taif UniversityApply Now
14Hail UniversityApply Now
15Najran UniversityApply Now
16Al Jouf UniversityApply Now
17Al Baha UniversityApply Now
18Tabuk UniversityApply Now
19Najran UniversityApply Now
20Northern Border UniversityApply Now
21Princess Nora UniversityApply Now
22Imam Abdulrahman UniversityApply Now
23Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz UniversityApply Now
24Shaqra UniversityApply Now
25Majmah UniversityApply Now

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