Friday, May 31, 2024

Saudi Arabia Increases Fully Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expanded its scholarship program for Pakistani students, presenting a significant opportunity for education and academic growth. Initially, 600 fully funded scholarships were announced for students to pursue studies at various levels in 25 prestigious universities. This number has now been increased to accommodate a total of 700 students, further underscoring the commitment to promoting educational excellence and international collaboration.

The scholarships cover a wide range of academic disciplines, encompassing Diploma and Bachelor’s degrees to Master’s and PhD programs. This comprehensive approach allows students to pursue their desired fields of study, fostering academic diversity and specialization.

Importantly, these scholarships are accessible to both students residing in Pakistan and Pakistanis legally residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, promoting inclusivity and creating opportunities for a broad spectrum of aspiring scholars.

The allocation of 75% of the scholarships to Pakistani students from their home country, Pakistan, ensures that a substantial portion of the opportunities benefits those who may not have the chance to study abroad. The remaining 25% of scholarships allocated to Pakistani students residing in the Kingdom acknowledges and supports the Pakistani diaspora in Saudi Arabia.

Nadir Alam, the Education Adviser, has extended his request to school principals in Pakistan to disseminate this valuable information among senior students in grades XI and XII, as well as those pursuing O-A levels. This proactive outreach to students and parents aims to maximize awareness and participation, empowering the next generation of Pakistani scholars to explore educational horizons and contribute to the global academic community.

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