Thursday, December 7, 2023

Saudi Arabia NEOM Announces Epicon as Luxury Coastal Tourism Destination

NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s cutting-edge city, unveils Epicon, a lavish coastal tourism oasis characterized by two towering structures, soaring to 225 and 275 meters. Comprising 41 opulent hotels and residences, the development boasts 14 suites and hotel apartments, along with 120 rooms and 45 beachfront villas.

Epicon’s allure extends beyond accommodation, featuring a beach club, spas, and an array of recreational activities. Water sports enthusiasts can revel in NEOM’s natural shorelines, while diverse dining options cater to varied tastes. Residents and guests of Epicon enjoy exclusive amenities such as gyms, libraries, workspaces, swimming pools, and lounges, promising a lifestyle of luxury and leisure.

This unveiling follows NEOM’s recent introduction of Leyja, an eco-conscious tourism destination anchored by three boutique hotels under the guidance of the esteemed luxury group Habitas. NEOM’s strategic focus on sustainable and luxurious offerings positions it at the forefront of innovative urban planning, setting a precedent for the integration of advanced infrastructure, environmental stewardship, and opulent living experiences in the emerging landscape of modern cities.

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