Thursday, November 30, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Head Coach Praises Pakistan Football’s Growth Despite Saudi Victory

In a recent FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers clash, Saudi Arabia secured a 4-0 victory over Pakistan.

However, the head coach of the Saudi team, Roberto Mancini, acknowledged Pakistan’s impressive performance and progress in the post-match press conference. Mancini emphasized the challenging nature of football, stating, “In the world of football, there is no easy match, and the Pakistani national team performed well.

” Despite the 4-0 defeat, the Pakistani team showcased resilience, particularly in defense, until the 50th minute when they conceded a penalty.

Mancini recognized the effort and determination of the Men in Green, and Saudi Arabia is set to face Jordan in the next match of the qualifiers on November 21, 2023.repharase in simple english

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