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Scholarship Opportunity provided to a Young Uber Driver

A young undergraduate student, Randy T Clarke, was studying at Arizona State University Tempe, and he was driving Uber to make ends meet in the spare time. He struggled with his hard time meeting the needs; however, he could not afford the school fee, but still, he kept his hopes high.

While keeping the hopes, high Randy gave many ideas to the team of Uber in a Summer Driver Advisory Forum, which was held by Uber. To his fortune, his one idea became the most prominent one from all of them as it was about how Uber could help struggling students like himself get through school by offering assistance for tuition to its driver.

This young man’s pure wish came true as the feedback made its way towards the top, and just after three months, only the Uber execs offered the free tuition assistance program for his drivers. Randy availed the opportunity to study in this program from Arizona State University, and he became one of the first proud graduates of the tuition assistance program of Uber.

This act of kindness by offering a free tuition program to the determinant drivers won their lifetime loyalty. Randy stated to stay with Uber as a partner for the rest of his life. He also told his family and friends that if his production company in the future become successful. He even becomes a millionaire; he will still love to drive Uber because he loves his work, and maybe he wanted to return to the company by his loyal services.

Bilal Jamil
Bilal Jamil
Founder & CEO at Startup Pakistan

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