Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Scientists Invent Al-Powered Tool That Detects Can*cer In Minutes Using Just One Drop Of Blood

A new test powered by advanced technology has emerged, offering the potential to quickly and accurately detect three common types of illnesses using just a small amount of dried blood.

In early tests, this test showed that it could tell the difference between people who have pancreatic, gastric, or colorectal illnesses and those who don’t, all in just a few minutes. Scientists found that the test could identify illness in patients with a success rate of about 82% to 100% by looking at specific chemicals in their blood.

This test works by using a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning. It looks at certain substances called metabolites in the blood, which are produced when the body breaks down food. These metabolites, found in the liquid part of blood called serum, act as “biomarkers,” which can give clues about whether someone has cancer or not.

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