Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Second Russian Oil Shipment Arrives in Karachi

The second shipment of cheap oil from Russia has reached Pakistan, an oil-laden ship named ClydeNoble has reached Karachi Port.

The Russian ship has been anchored at the port with crude oil, as soon as the ship’s berthing plan is finalized, the ship will be installed on the oil pier.

It should be remembered that the ship called Pure Point from Russia had reached Karachi with the first shipment of crude oil, this ship brought 45,000 metric tons of oil.

If oil from Russia starts coming to Pakistan regularly, then the prices of petroleum products in Pakistan can come down.

On the other hand, The Petroleum Division rejected the impression of increasing the petroleum levy by Rs10 per liter from July 1.

According to petroleum division sources, the impression of increasing petroleum levy by Rs 10 per liter from July 1 is not correct.

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