Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Seeing your marriage in a dream

As per Islam, seeing your marriage in a dream could have different meanings depending you’re a girl or boy, wedded or unattached. 

1- According to Ibn Sirin call, the topmost dream practitioner of Islam, getting married is a suggestion of marrying soon in real life for an unattached girl or boy. 

2- If a formerly married person is getting married in a dream, it indicates respect. 

3- If a woman sees herself as a bridegroom and she marries a man and lives with him in her home, it’s a sign that she’ll face loss. 

4- If a man sees that he married a woman in a dream yet doesn’t know her, it’s a sign that he’ll die soon. 

5- If a woman sees that she entered a marriage offer and her marriage is about to be yet doesn’t see that marriage in a dream, it’s a sign, or else someone would perish at her hands.

6- According to Jafar Sadiq, seeing yourself getting wedded and having coitus with a dead person in a dream is a suggestion that he’ll get a commodity out of according to Islam, the deceased’s fortune.

7- Getting wedded to a virgin girl and having coitus with her in a dream means that the delicate work will come easier, and he’ll get fat.

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